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Aoi Asahina
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Player: Amber
Canon: Dangan Ronpa
Canon Point: end of Dangan Ronpa 1
Alignment: Daimonia
Date of Entry: 12/06/2016

Contact: [ profile] secondhandmagic
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Player: Amber
Contact: [ profile] secondhandmagic
Age: 23
Current Characters: Yuuri Shibuya ([personal profile] swirlied)


Character: Aoi Asahina
Age: somewhere around 17/18
Canon: Dangan Ronpa
Canon Point: end of Dangan Ronpa 1

Background: Here!


Aoi, overall, is a positive and friendly person. She does her best to include everyone when she thinks they might be feeling down or left out. Early on in the game, she tries to include Fujisaki and Fukawa in either the investigations or during their free time by inviting them. Although it doesn't go as she hopes, since they often reject her attempts. Their rejections are often met with surprise on her part, as she can't imagine why they wouldn't want to work out or investigate the school with her. Aoi is also the one who suggests that they all introduce themselves to Naegi in the very beginning when he's the last one to arrive in the group. She's extremely friendly right at the start, and determined on making sure everyone is included and working together.

She also tries to stay positive, even after the first trial. The next morning, she tells everyone that they need to work together to get out of the school and that if they do so they'll definitely get out. This shows that, even after things start taking a turn for the worse, Aoi does her best to stay positive and hope for the best. She still feels down, however, when they never find a way out of the building after a new floor opens but she's able to bounce back soon enough, since she doesn't like to be discouraged for long.

She also gets easily riled up and excited, which can be seen most during the trials. Oftentimes, Aoi already comes into the trial with her own conclusions and thoughts about who the culprit may be, often based on her own gut feelings. During the first trial, she immediately suspected Naegi because Maizono was found in his room, and she suspected Hagakure during the third trial because he was in the Justice Robo suit. Her opinions can be swayed, however, when she is shown evidence. Still, her habit of jumping to conclusions and arguing for them often misdirects the trials and she has to be proven wrong before they can move on.

Her excitement isn't always bad, though, as she her mood instantly skyrockets when she discovers that they have a pool and she invites people to go swimming with her. Everyone rejects her offer, but that doesn't get her down. During her free time events, when she's feeling down, just the thought of donuts or swimming lifts her mood and she's back to being her positive self in just a matter of seconds. She quickly goes back to being fired up, like she was never feeling down in the first place.

Aoi is also very often controlled by her own emotions and lets them get in the way of her thinking. During Sakura Oogami's trial, Aoi knew what had really happened and was so intent on not letting Sakura die alone that she tried to get everyone to vote for the wrong culprit and get them all executed. The way Aoi saw it was that they were all responsible for her death, and that they deserved a punishment. Her own grief blinded her to the point that she didn't realize that the suicide note she found was planted by Monokuma and it took a lot of arguing with her classmates before she was finally convinced that they needed to move on for Sakura's sake. She does learn from this, though, and decides that she won't let Sakura's sacrifice be in vain and that she needs to keep moving forward—something that comes back in the final trial when Naegi is convincing her to leave the school. Along with letting her feelings cloud her judgement, Aoi also has a very strong sense of what is right and wrong. During the third trial, she fights with Celes about her motives, calling her cruel because she killed for money. She also fights with Togami, Fukawa, and Hagakure after Sakura is revealed to be the mole, refusing to try to understand why they might feel betrayed. Aoi's reaction to their refusal to forgive Sakura is volatile and she instigates several fights that only end up with her feeling more hurt in the end. Since Aoi lets her emotions guide her actions, she's unable to keep herself from arguing that they need to forgive Sakura for being the mole.

In many ways, though, Aoi is still fairly normal. She worries about whether or not she's "girly" enough, because she's so athletic and even enlists Naegi's help in trying to make her more girly. In the end, she decides that she's fine just the way she is, and that it's something she doesn't need to worry about. Aoi also has a sweet tooth, particularly for donuts, that she uses often as a comfort food. Despite being an athlete, she often gives into her cravings much like anyone else. She also is extremely goal-driven and she strives to reach the top, especially with swimming. Her dream is to win a gold medal at the Olympics, but winning isn't the part she likes most. She enjoys the struggle, and even says that winning feels lonely. So, she tries her best to keep going further so that she can enjoy the struggle of climbing to the top. This shows that Aoi has an unending motivation, and that she won't give up on her own dreams just because it might be hard to achieve them.

Overall, Aoi is a determined athlete at heart that always tries to look on the bright side of things and wants everyone to work together through hardships. She has a tendency to let her emotions prevent her from thinking clearly, though, and that often makes her jump to conclusions extremely quickly. And while Aoi is upbeat most of the time, she isn't immune to letting her grief get to her.

Abilities: Aoi's title is the Ultimate Swimmer, and she certainly lives up to it. Before being recruited into Hope's Peak, she was chosen to participate in the Olympics. She's extremely athletic, and participated in several different sports teams before attending Hope's Peak. Outside of her athletic prowess, Aoi is a pretty normal human.

Alignment: Daimonia. Aoi is often very cheerful and upbeat, but she's much more sensitive to the deaths of her classmates than anyone else. During Sakura's trial, she let her grief blind her and tried to get everyone executed.

Other: N/A


General Sample: meme thread, test drive

Emotion Sample:

[ Ever since being trapped in Hope's Peak, Aoi no longer took the outdoors for granted. She never did, but even now she made sure to make the best of her time outside. Even just a small breeze made her feel free, and the feeling of fresh air was enough to lift her mood so much that light sparkles surrounded her as she walked through the streets of Verens.

Aoi is currently on her way to the lake, taking the time to enjoy the scenery outdoors as she walks towards the beach, where there's plenty of room to swim. As she gets closer and can start to hear the splashing of water from those out having a day at the lake, the sparkles around her grow brighter and brighter. When she's finally at the shoreline, the sparkles have grown so bright they're impossible to ignore.

She wades ankle deep into the lake, letting the water gently lap around her as she gazes out at the sky reflecting on the surface. By now small hearts have started appearing around her, accompanying the sparkles. Just being surrounded by water is a comfort to her, and having so much of it so easily accessible makes her incredibly happy. Aoi stretches her arms, getting ready to swim a few laps. Her excitement at the thought of swimming again under the open sky after so long is palpable, and taking shape in the air around her smelling sweet—much like donuts. ]

Questions: N/A


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